Alpine Apparels has carved a robust niche for itself in the realm of manufacturing high-quality leather products. The company has dedicated divisions for leather gloves, handbags, belts and small leather goods. It has managed to achieve a stellar market reputation thanks to its production line which is the most modern in the industry today. The manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest cutting, sewing and finishing machines ensuring immaculate deliveries to clients.

The state-of-the-art production facilities are spread over 250,000 square feet of covered area and encompass the cutting-edge specialised machinery. Stringent quality checks and exacting standards of production are what have helped us garner the trust of the most reputed fashion brands in the world.

The company sources a wide range of fine leathers from across the globe including South America, Australia, Ethiopia, the Middle East and India. Its captive tanneries have the expertise to seamlessly handle leathers of various origins.  Leathers are tanned, both with traditional and modern techniques, including advanced surface treatment methods like hand padding, washing, distressing, and dip dying.

Alpine works with all kinds of fabrics and synthetic materials sourced locally from India and from the Far East and Italy. We use innovative methods of surface treatment as inputs in our design besides using different constructional techniques.



The large team of fashion experts at Alpine Apparels has an intuitive understanding of the latest international trends. Not only are the handbags styled and produced in consonance with what is in vogue, the superlative leathers are also developed each season in synchrony with up-to-the minute fashion. The handbags division of Alpine Apparels produces enviable products for both men and women ranging from high-fashion bags, embroidered and embellished bags, travel and messenger bags and portfolio bags. The manufacturing facility houses the most advanced machinery and skilled craftsmen to deliver products that match customer expectations to the letter in terms of both aesthetics and quality.



Alpine Apparels is undisputedly amongst the leading Indian producers of the highest quality leather gloves. Its product assortment in this category includes basic gloves, fashion gloves, driving gloves, motorcycle gloves and sports gloves. The company’s production facility employs advanced modern techniques and sophisticated machinery while leveraging the best of traditional methods such as hand stitching and hand embroidery.



The belts division at Alpine Apparels is one of the most mechanized facilities in the country. Best-in class equipment and an optimal integration of traditional techniques like hand padding, hand stitching, hand molding and dip dying makes the production process highly versatile. The belts division also enjoys a well-appointed interior layout where the workforce and machinery complement each other in an environment that stimulates creativity.



This division is a very vital aspect of the Alpine Apparels’ business. This segment includes manufacture of wallets and other small leather goods. Most of the products in this pivotal division are meticulously hand-crafted with value addition and consistency brought in by way of state-of-the art machinery.